Running For Cover….

Mosey On and crew are safe, dry, and still afloat.  We ran for cover on Friday and spent the Labor Day Weekend thoroughly lashed to pilings in St. Michael’s, MD on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake.  We made the choice of St. Michael’s because we wouldn’t have to cross the Bay as Hermine bore down on the Mid-Atlantic and we would be relatively far north up the Bay to avoid much of the storm’s associated surge.  We also chose St. Michael’s because we would have the option to get off the boat safely with somewhere to stay.  The wind certainly blew and the Miles River that leads to the town grew rough, but nothing to suggest the hurricane working its way up from Norfolk along the Jersey shore.  I think we were lucky.  We came in out of the natural protection of the narrow creeks and coves of the Wye River to take our chances in Town.  It worked-out.  The wobbly track of Hermine might have found us there with nowhere else (at Mosey On speed) to go.  It is a truly sobering experience to make your best call and still realize that you might lose the boat to the storm.  We were not alone in this, it’s just a part of living aboard.

We left St. Michael’s this morning.  Blue skies, dry air, and a fresh breeze beckoned us back to our favorite haunts up the Wye River.   We’re well-stocked with provisions and grog, so we plan to stay through the weekend.


Dividing Creek on the Wye

On Saturday evening there’s an on-the-water benefit concert for the River Keepers featuring a band called the Eastport Oyster Boys.  Apparently you arrive by dinghy with nosh to share with the floating crowd.  It’s an annual event here, and not to be missed!  After the hoopla of the weekend dies down, we plan to turn Mosey On to a southerly course down the Chesapeake and revisit some favorites spots along our route.

They say that “Winter Is Coming”

….’bout ready to  Mosey On



One thought on “Running For Cover….

  1. Glad to see you found safe harbor! It was a non-event in RD, but that is what one wants from a storm. Sure do miss y’all and sorry we couldn’t connect while we were driving up I-95.

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