Reefers, Drips, and Nicks

It’s something we all know.  That the more time we have spent with someone, some group, some thing the more likely we are to notice their inherent flaws, imperfections, even shortcomings.  The closer our emotional attachment, the more likely we are to accommodate them gracefully.  I can attest that the Crew is very, very gracious to this Captain!  In these “Dog Days of Summer” on the Chesapeake (under the ‘Heat Dome’)…Mosey On has come under such scrutiny and found needing some work…

Our beautiful stainless steel drawer refrigerator/freezers (2), once the pride of our small ship’s galley – a source of great utility and convenience, have become erratic, finicky, ultimately unreliable.  The summer heat dictates, and our tolerance now gone, they must be replaced!

Fresh water (presumably from rain or a boat wash-down) is finding its way into the core decking of our boat-deck.  The telltale drips (See associated blog) are colored with the tannin from the soggy wood.  There’s a wound that must be cauterized and the cancer cut out.  Mosey On is such a pretty boat, who knew?

Then, while we’re considering what else may be imperfect….there are the inevitable nicks in the fiberglass.  Some the Captain fairly owns…some entirely mysterious.  And other things… but we shouldn’t (can’t afford to) be too picky!  Though Mosey’s crew endeavors to be somewhat self-reliant in her maintenance, the skills to set these things right is beyond our abilities.

Not so glamorous...

Not so glamorous…

So Mosey On is in the boatyard to be fitted-out with new reefers, and to fix the Drips and nicks.  It will be well worth the investment in a long and happy relationship!


Fixin’ Up To Mosey On…


2 thoughts on “Reefers, Drips, and Nicks

  1. Hey you two crazy kids! Every dog must have it’s day I suppose. Continue to seek the silver lining. May have a few hick ups here and there but overall sounds like you are fairing well and having a blast. Miss you both

  2. This is a wonderful metaphor about living your life, encountering imperfection, accepting limits, asking for help & being in relationship.

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