Eastern Shore Weather Report

For several days, Mosey On and Crew have been exploring the rivers, creeks, and coves of Maryland’s Choptank River and environs.  This is the riverine setting for James Michener’s Chesapeake.  As I write this, Mosey On is swinging on her hook in “Baby Owl” cove, a drop dead beautiful anchorage off Leadenham Creek.  The shore is lined with mature trees, only a couple houses set back under them, no boat traffic (and their attendant wakes), the waters quiet….and absolutely infested with sea nettles (jelly fish).  Almost paradise…but with a catch.

The temperatures here range from the mid-70s to highs in the upper 80s to 90s.  The lower temps realized after a brief thunderstorm passes through with its attendant spike in humidity.  We are not surprised by this Chesapeake weather….it’s why most cruisers pass it by and head up to Maine…But for other commitments, we would have too!  But it’s the choice we made.  The thing is, if ever there were a great place to anchor in oppressive heat & humidity, and a place to plunge-in to cool off, this is it!  Except for the aforementioned sea nettles….

Mosey On and crew have never exhibited a particular interest in truly “roughing it”, so we’ve done the obvious and gone ‘inside’ and turned-on the air conditioning.  As I write this, I do feel conflicted.  We’re here, in a beautiful place we’ve taken some effort to get to and I’m sitting inside, on a boat….while nature beckons!  On the other hand, the sweat has stopped rolling down my face and fingers so I feel safe using this electric appliance.  And other than the scoffs and ridicule I may have to endure from more stalwart (and sweaty) sailors, I know there is likely another (nasty) price to pay.  Remember our friends the sea nettles?  Although I don’t attribute intent, they have an unfortunate way of wafting too near the cooling water intakes for our generator and three air-conditioning units.  So….too often they get sucked-in and end their lives clogging strainers designed to keep them out of the pumps.  Which is good for the pumps, but the inevitable strangulation of the cooling flow from their remains will render our air conditioning inoperative!  Yes, we can dive into the bowels of the boat and clean the strainers (again).  It should be noted that the little critters can sting (even well-dead)!  You pay a price when you mess with the natural order of things…air conditioning on a boat?

A tweak from our Son-In-Law

A tweak from our Son-In-Law

Moseyin’ On …in a Chesapeake Summer!


One thought on “Eastern Shore Weather Report

  1. LOL We need a September update on Hermine’s frolics

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