Aboard Mosey On, we attempt to maintain a status of wet outside, dry within.  The source of fluid without is obvious, but Mosey carries stores of fluid within like fuel, potable water, oil, and effluent awaiting pump out.  This fact tends to focus my mind on the lowly DRIP.

Some random thoughts on DRIPS:

  • Drips can be corrosive (depending on their content) like little lies are to trust.
  • Small drips unattended can become torrents. (see above…).
  • We tolerate small drips but are moved to act on ‘noisy’ ones.
  • Drips are the ‘mothers’ of ice cycles.
  • Can anyone accurately quantify a drip?
  • Drips of life-saving serum are good.
  • Drips of blood can indicate foul play.
  • Drips from your car’s oil pan are annoying.
  • Drips from a fuel line are dangerous.
  • Drips of cooling water through a boats packing gland are necessary.
  • Drips can make your nose raw.
  • Stopping a drip often results in ‘busted knuckles’.
  • Drips seldom get a date.

This listing is, doubtless, incomplete.  Please feel free to amend as you see fit.

Chillin’ and nursing my busted knuckles…


2 thoughts on “ON DRIPS

  1. Debbie Redmond

    That drip email was vague at best…😄

    Debbie Redmond


  2. I liked this Fitz.
    Jim Segovis

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