Up A Lazy River

It’s the end of June and Mosey On and crew have had a languid, lazy month.  Perhaps I should use the less pejorative ‘lacking in ambition’ rather than lazy…We have not, however, been totally idle.  We welcomed our five-year-old granddaughter from D.C. aboard as additional crew for a week.  You have experience with small characters of 5 years?  Ya’ gotta love ‘em!

'Greenhorn' Pirate

‘Greenhorn’ Pirate

Now fully crewed-up, we pointed Mosey across the Chesapeake to Cape Charles, an appropriately small adventure in light of the new hand’s experience level.  After some wind, some waves and plenty of sunshine we tied-up in the inner harbor across from a cement plant on a hot and dusty afternoon in a town that could have been the setting for “The Last Picture Show”.  The crew abandoned ship in search of ice cream.  After two days we had pretty much exhausted the adventure opportunities remaining in this once-bustling railroad and ferry terminus.  Both are long gone and only a hopeful set of boutiques and pubs line the main street.

Our new crew expressed a yearning for reunification with her mother in the not-too-distant future, so we cast-off to return to the western shore and an anchorage closer to her home ashore should that yearning persist.  Mosey On dropped anchor in one of our favorite coves (from previous cruises) and lowered the dink to go exploring.  High-diving pelicans, ghostly jelly-fish, high-speed runs in the dink and a French fries w/chicken nuggets lunch did much to restore the mate’s confidence!  Card games, fishing, picking-up-after-ourselves pretty much filled our hours.  The ‘greenhorn’ stayed her full cruise of five days and was cheerfully reunited with her mom.  Mosey’s captain & mate relapsed into our well-deserved “lacking in ambition” mode!

There’s a light rain falling this morning and our cove is tranquility itself.

Moseyin’ On in a day or two….or not.


One thought on “Up A Lazy River

  1. Good to hear from you! We have been missing news of your exploits so keep’em coming.


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