Hangin’ Out – Short Handed

It’s a very foggy day over pretty much all of Penobscot Bay with a heavy mist thrown in….but this kind of weather has been the exception more than the rule.  It’s a good day to sit warm and dry in the pilothouse and catch up on the writing I neglected on the gorgeous days we’d been enjoying while sampling only a few of the Bay’s many outer islands and “thoroughfares”.   Thoroughfares are the favored, buoyed channels among groupings of small islands.  As such they bear the brunt of the both commercial and recreational boat traffic .   The lobster boats use them to run at speed to their favorite lobster grounds.  Recreational boaters, often less familiar with the smaller channels between rock outcroppings and myriad islands, speed through them as well.  But these well marked and heavily traveled passages are a mixed blessing in the fog…where speed and proximity to others are left to each skipper’s judgment.  Not all cowboys drive pickup trucks.

Off the thoroughfares, the sheltered coves are quiet and unspoiled.  Some of these small islands are privately owned, some owned by the State of Maine, and some by The Nature Conservancy.  The great natural wonders of the American West were saved by Presidents Grant, Teddy Roosevelt, and Congress.  But apart from Arcadia National Park, most of New England is truly in the debt of some far-sighted and generous private individuals who have understood the value of these island’s tranquility.  There are no fees or permits to drop our anchor in such a cove…just the expectation that we leave it as pristine as we found it.

Camp Island

Camp Island

There’s another type of beauty on display here, too.  On moorings, anchored in coves, or under sail or power there are more truly beautiful boats than anywhere I’ve been.  Not the working lobster boats, the migratory cruising sailboats, mega-yachts of the rich and famous, or long-range trawlers like Mosey On…each might be pretty in their context.  I won’t belabor the reader with my highly subjective definition of what I view as a “beautiful” boat, but submit the following as a small sample.






Now the test…how many lobster buoys did you spot???

And about the title of this piece…..I’m here puttering around aboard Mosey On while my beloved crew is on ‘shore leave’ in Chicago to welcome our newest granddaughter to our family (I’ll get my turn later).   Mother and baby are both doing great.    I’m a sentimental sort (if you couldn’t tell from the photos)….and I’d say this has been a very good summer!

When my crew returns, we’ll Mosey On

One thought on “Hangin’ Out – Short Handed

  1. Thanks for this spectacular post & congrats on your new grandchild

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