Forecast for “Partly Sunny” Today

I feel a clarification may be in order.  The Maine Coast is not continually foggy in August.  As I type this, the setting sun does its normally spectacular job of playing on the granite rocks marked by marine growth along the shoreline.  The meadows of lime green bordered by tall pines and dark shadows beneath are enhanced by the low angle of the light.  It’s a glorious summer day…but you gotta’ wait for it!

After dropping some friends off in Portland yesterday, we set off again this morning with “Love Cove” (yes really), in Ebenecook Harbor on the Sheepscot River as our day’s destination…a quiet spot just short of the madness of Boothbay.  It is the classic snug cove anchorage that Mosey On’s skipper always hopes to find…but did  I mention fog?  As we cast off in Portland Harbor, the skies were clear and a certain haze foretold temperatures heating up as the day progressed.  By 10 AM we passed abeam Portland Head Light and the fog began to materialize as if on cue!  We’d been here, done this…

Partly Sunny

Partly Sunny

I was not especially surprised.  Fog is a fact of life for pilots as well as sailors.  We know that it is probable when the difference between air temperature and dew point is generally less than 4 °F.  The air along coastal Maine this time of year is normally very moist so….as the morning progresses and the sun begins to heat that air, the “spread” closes to within that 4°F and…..fog.  Aboard Mosey On, the radar was on, the fog signal activated, and her crew concentrated on what little could be discerned in the gloom.  As time passed, the temperature kept rising.  Today was to be a hot one (80+) in our area.  As the temperature rose into the high 70s, the fog fell away…’burned off’ as we say.  We had completed our transit of Casco Bay in the fog, but turned up the Sheepscot River on a sunny August afternoon.  Only afternoon thunderstorms obscured the western horizon.  I think even they have passed us by.  I strongly suspect that tomorrow’s scenario will be much the same.  I’m told that experienced cruisers sleep in, have a second cup of coffee and await the “burn-off”.

Moseyin’ On up the Learning Curve.

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  1. Gloria Singer

    Hi Jim & Colleen–just signed up for your blog…what a nice way to stay in touch!

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