“Cruiseus Interruptus”

We interrupt this idyll with an important message from reality…..Stuff happens ashore (even when you run off to sea) and you find yourself dragged back to deal with it!  We made it to New Hampshire and our favorite anchorage up the Piscataqua River in Great Bay.  The scenery is beautiful, the days have been sunny and the nights cool.  Many good friends live just a short dinghy ride away and we have had time to visit at our leisure.  It is truly a “Margaritas on the back deck at sunset” kind of anchorage.  In short, exactly what we had in mind for a stopover on our way north.

The annoying reality inserted itself via an email from friends back in North Carolina.  It noted that a new supermarket was to be built on land presently occupied by a large indoor storage facility.  Folks were cheered by the coming of this new market, but wasn’t that the storage center where we’d put all our stuff awaiting the building of our new house ashore?   Well yes it was.  Had we received a 30-day notice that we must vacate by the end of the month?  Not until that moment!  It has been our experience that resolving unexpected  ‘hiccups’ like this always takes a bit longer than we would wish, so we had to ‘jump to it’.  Much could be done by telephone: verifying the actual closure of the facility and the vacate date, arranging for a new storage unit, a truck rental, and some able-bodied men to do the heavy lifting.  The remaining issues of our transportation down to N.C. and where to leave Mosey On took a little longer.  Flying back to NC seemed the only reasonable option.  We could take a bus from Portsmouth, NH to Boston’s Logan Airport or we could cruise up to Portland, ME and fly from there.  Portland has more plentiful marina space, but fewer flight options.  We couldn’t leave Mosey On on only her anchor because of the previously discussed need for electrical power for her refrigerator/freezers and finite battery resources.  So….we negotiated the best deal we could with the local marina on Great Bay and left her tied to the dock parallel to the powerful tidal flow of the Piscataqua River.  It was a bit like leaving your pet at a strange boarding kennel….

The long and the short of it was that, with the timely help of good friends and neighbors, we got back to NC and dealt with it.  It is the sort of problem that any traveler might have to deal with.  The difference here is that it was our home that we left tied-up in treacherous waters (ok…perhaps a little melodramatic).  We will, hopefully, be back tomorrow and continue our cruise Down East…….marking the end of this “cruiseus interruptus.”

 Moseyin’ On

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