Electricity, Groceries, and a Gale

Although not surprising, after cruising up the East Coast and then lingering for a few days in The Great Salt Pond on Block Island, the tendrils of shore-bound life caught up to us and bid Mosey On up to Massachusetts and family there.  A grandson’s lacrosse tournament, Father’s Day, our son’s family move across town, and my birthday – all conspired to pull us ashore and leave Mosey On tied to her mooring in Scituate, MA for most of last week.  It was all good and rewarding as family get-togethers can be.  My grandson’s team won their tournament. Father’s Day with my son’s family is a tradition. The move went well, and I’m a year older…

But it was difficult to leave Mosey On unattended on a mooring for even a few days.  There are a few technical issues to ensure that her batteries do not run-down left unattended.  Apart from her engines, Mosey On depends on electricity.  Lots of it, stored in large 12 volt batteries.  We can leave her for several hours, even a day or two if the batteries are fully charged…but more than that, not so much.  Of course, we simply turn off the electronics, lighting, and fresh water pumps.  We do not turn-off the bilge pumps.  But the largest draw on our batteries comes from our two refrigerator/freezers.  They are a joy when it comes to provisioning Mosey On for a cruise…lots of space for dairy products, vegetables, and frozen meat.  On a mooring, however, with no one to run the engine or the generator they would run the batteries dead.  The solution was to take all of our refrigerated provisions OFF the boat and turn off the refrigeration.  Sooo…We arrived at the kids’ new home with two small duffels of clothes….and bags of groceries in need of a freezer.

We returned home to Mosey On Wednesday evening with our cold provisions and a granddaughter in tow.  She is the adventurous sort, so we sat down to plan a mini-cruise just for her.  Our plan took us from Scituate to the islands of Boston’s outer harbor with spectacular views of the city skyline as the sun set.

Boston from Peddock's Island

Boston from Peddock’s Island

The following day we would take a short hop across the Bay to Gloucester where we literally dropped in on their annual Feast of St. Peter – patron saint of fishermen.  That city was in full-on festival mode – the fishing boats dressed-up in pennants, banners in the street, a midway, and crews practicing for Saturday’s classic gig (boat) races.  We would like to have stayed, but the forecast called for a gale to sweep across Massachusetts Bay waters late Saturday night.  However intrepid the boat and crew, we don’t do gales…..so we motored back to Salem and snug shelter near the heart of the old town.

Moseyin’ On is all about taking some time to see or do new things.  So the whole crew took shore leave to spend the afternoon at Salem’s Peabody-Essex Museum.  Although we had visited many times while we lived in New England, we had never seen their prized exhibit of a complete Chinese family home: disassembled, brought here and reassembled brick by brick.  It is an extraordinary exhibit.  With no crowds and a curious granddaughter, we took the time to fully enjoy it.

Back on the boat after dinner ashore, a cutthroat game of “hearts” (beloved by the youngest crewmember), and one more check of Mosey On’s dock lines, we settled-in to await the storm.  It blew across our harbor at 3:30 AM [I know the exact time, your honor, because I looked at my watch!]  Lots of wind, buckets of rain……and only slightly diminished 12 hours later as I write this.  The storm may not blow out until later tomorrow….

So we’ll sit a spell……Moseyin’ On another day!

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