Train Day in Norfolk

Remember a summer vacation when the car was all loaded, highway maps properly folded and scattered about the car, the eager anticipation to hit the open road and a new adventure?  But first, you had to get out of town:  the traffic congestion, missed traffic lights, and a slow moving freight train blocking a crossing.  Well, yesterday was Train Day in the Port of Norfolk.  Think how often you’ve seen a real train on a railroad bridge.  Though such bridges dot the landscape in older industrial cities, they’re often perpetually lifted open and/or seldom ever used.  Imagine our surprise then to encounter not one, but three railroad bridges across the Elizabeth River not only down, but with those slow freights doing their normal roll a few feet, stop, roll a few more.  No Hi-Balling here.  I am reminded by someone that this is a port after all…

View From Our Bridge

Mosey On had set off Wednesday AM from her overnight berth up the river that has carried the Port traffic through the heart of Norfolk, and we anticipated the broad reaches of the lower Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic beyond.  We had ‘miles to go before we sleep’…141 nautical miles to be exact.   But we were side-tracked by not one, but three railroad trains blocking Mosey On’s path to the sea.  It almost seems symbolic – this ‘waiting on bridges’.  Our efforts depend upon these obstacles to be removed from our path, and we are often powerless to do it ourselves or circumvent them in any reasonable way.  We rail at the inconvenience, the delay….but they serve a very real purpose, albeit for someone else.

In due time, both the trains and Mosey On rolled on.  We dropped anchor in Cape May, NJ 24 hours later and secured for some serious napping.

Moseyin’ On to Block Island on Sunday.

One thought on “Train Day in Norfolk

  1. When do you plan on hitting New England? We are heading up for a week or two in York Harbor on Saturday. Bob

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