“On The Road Again”

With all due credit and our apologies to Willie Nelson, that’s the tune we’re humming aboard the good ship “Mosey On”!  On Tuesday, the 2nd, we finally slipped our lines and left our home port in River Dunes, North Carolina for our 2015 Summer Cruise.  If all goes well, we don’t expect to be back in North Carolina until late September.  Our plans have us proceeding up the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW) to Norfolk, then out the mouth of the Chesapeake and north along the “Delmarva” (Delaware, Maryland, & Virginia) Atlantic shore to Cape May, NJ.  We’ll take a couple of days to rest and explore this town we enjoyed so much on a previous visit while we look for a “weather window” for our big offshore leap to Block Island (off the northern end of Long Island).  That will be the single longest offshore leg that Mosey’s crew has planned to date.  We will need some nice weather!  Once we reach the Salt Pond on Block I., we’ll be in New England and setting about visiting with family and friends there.  Then in late July, we’ll point the bow towards Nova Scotia and a long-anticipated exploration of her southern coast.

Two things to report thus far.  During yesterday’s transit of the Alligator & Pungo River canal (a numbingly straight and long ditch built by the Army Corps of Engineers that forms a sector of the ICW), we noticed that said ditch accomplishes what we’ve seen nowhere else: while the trees and brushy growth on the western side were completely smothered in Kudzu, those on the eastern bank were totally unaffected.  An invasive species from China stopped in its destructive tracks by The Ditch…sounds kinda’ like a science fiction story…

And while I’m on the science fiction theme…we were anchored last night in a cove off Albemarle Sound known as Broad Creek.  Shortly after dark (and our boating bedtime), I heard a high pitch “thrumming”.  The sort of sound you might hear from one of those remotely-piloted small drones.  Looking out the ports and windows, I could discern no other boats nearby, but the sound was clearly close.  We had turned-off the cabin lights, so I went to the salon door to go outside for a look.  HUGE MISTAKE!  Mosey On was the apparent rendezvous spot for a gigantic swarm of horny mayflies  [see http://freshwaterblog.net/2011/05/16/the-mayflys-lifecycle-a-fascinating-fleeting-story/  ], as they apparently like a place to rest when they’re quite spent!  You’ve seen pictures of bees swarming over the surface of some object?  That was Mosey On covered in Mayflies.  Yes, some joined the crew inside when I opened the door to listen…. While we’ve encountered Mayflies (sometimes called “midges” in North Carolina) on many occasions, we’ve not had the pleasure of stumbling into a true ‘cloud’ of them engulfing the boat.  Ah nature up close!

A good chance of rain

A good chance of rain


Enjoying our own lifecycle…and Moseyin’ On


2 thoughts on ““On The Road Again”

  1. Keep on Keeping on Captain!

  2. Glad to hear y’all are “Moseying On” to your Nova Scotia destination. I’m in Charleston for a few days before advancing to Anchors away boatyard for some bottom work. Meeting my family on 6/23 in Williamsburg Va. for a week. Thanks for the heads up on the swarming Flies. Be Safe . Fred

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