Cozy Getaway with Indoor Plumbing!

First, in regard to Tropical Storm Ana – Mosey On is snugly tied to her dock, safe and secure in Grace Harbor – River Dunes, where the Neuse River meets Pamlico Sound in North Carolina.  Lots of rain to wash down her decks, but no other real threat at this point. Her crew is in Chicago, keeping tabs from afar.  It’s a little hard to be gone, but our Hurricane Plan has always been to secure Mosey On as best we can in as safe an anchorage as possible….and then get off the boat.  I did just that before I left on this visit to our daughter and her husband.

Now let’s talk plumbing.  That’s been the focus of Mosey’s Spring refit.  For my landlubber friends, imagine if your home’s plumbing just wore out every ten to fifteen years?  The rubber valves and pump parts cease to function properly and the hoses that serve as drain pipe lose their ability to contain the odors.  Not a pretty picture.  Mosey On is equipped with an elaborate sewage system to manage the problem so that waste can be treated ashore, rather than dumped overboard – an ecological and aesthetic improvement boaters and non-boaters can truly appreciate!   Refurbishing this system is what I’ve been up to these last few weeks….not so much to write about, much less photo document.  I must note that, unlike your home builder, most boat builders clearly install these systems in the certain knowledge that they will never see them again to repair/refurbish them!  Hose runs many feet through the dark, inaccessible reaches of the bilge only to reappear beneath webs of electrical wiring or unrelated machinery.  (Out of sight, out of mind.)  It’s not unusual to be forced to disconnect one system to get at another…then put it all back (out of sight).  I’m learning as I go, so it takes me a bit longer than an experienced marine technician.  But it’s not technically challenging, just a __itty job….and I’ve done those before.

While I was whiling away the hours down in Mosey’s bilge, we did hire experienced mechanics to go over the engines: found a pesky air leak in the fuel line, rebuilt two water pumps, and adjusted the valves on our main diesel.  So after we re-provision, I think we’re good to go. . . Tempus Fugit.

Moseyin’ On!