Time Out… to Keep Connected

For some boaters, ‘Gone Cruizin’ means forwarding the mail and pointing the bow towards the horizon, with no calendar and no firm plans…an escape from everything ashore, plain and simple. For some, it can be a real-life antidote to the stresses of modern living. On Mosey On, we’re comfortably retired and most assuredly not stressed-out. The crew can hardly claim the need to flee…in fact quite the opposite! We strive to maintain our many connections, old and new, even as we set out to visit further north and south.  This blog is but one tool to this end.   But it is also part of our ‘Cruising Plan’ to keep connected face-to-face with family and friends as those opportunities occur – like these next few weeks.

We’ve brought Mosey On back to her home port in River Dunes, NC for a ‘time out’ to attend to some very important connections…the wedding celebration of good friends, a quick trip by Colleen to visit an old friend, and a visit by both of us to daughter Shannon and her husband, who are expecting their first child later this summer.  It’s also a good time to allow the temps further north to moderate some…and do some maintenance best done before summer’s heat and humidity kick in!

Once we do get underway again (probably late May) we’ll be trying to coordinate with the schedules of some very busy grandchildren to get them aboard for some shared adventure.   Critical connections for ‘gad about’ grandparents like us!

I know we’re not alone in this, but as we cruise we keep a ‘scrapbook’ of sorts: Not pictures of places we been or noteworthy things seen (and photographed) along the way, but rather of the boats and their crews we’ve met and visited with.  We exchange ‘boat cards’ (think business cards) and stories: Wisdom, wit and warnings….New friends are made and connections to be renewed as those opportunities arise.  But we also yearn to connect with old friends and exchange our stories with theirs.  We’re invested in our shared history and look forward to the next installment…

Moseyin’ On …and we’ll be looking for you!

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