Broken Down Just Where You Want To Be

No, not the sophomoric ploy on a hot date…but rather, at attempt to see the brighter side of the sometimes difficult relationship between man and his machine. Not to put too fine a point on it, but we may have a difficult engine issue as we take in the sun here in Beaufort, SC. It is creed that a sailor perform an engine room check every day without fail. That check should, at a minimum, review the belts, oil quantity, and coolant level in the engine. This has been an utterly uneventful ritual until this morning as we prepared to move Mosey On to a different anchorage near the town. On THIS morning, a check of the engine coolant level yielded a glop of oily gray goo adhering to the radiator cap and my finger!

It should be understood that the only substance that has any business in the coolant system is sapphire blue anti-freeze. The presence of the gray goo is NOT A GOOD SIGN. Its origin will be the focus of some intense investigation in the coming days. If it is oil…it may have migrated into the cooling system from one or more parts of the engine…none of them should allow this. It will take the expertise of a real diesel mechanic to ferret this out and then repair the breach.

Nobody hurt, no call to the Coast Guard or tow boat, no damage to hull or paint job, not even injury to my pride….Stuff happens….
The good news is that we’ll still visit with old friends here in Beaufort (although no boat rides in the immediate future) and we’ve no deadline to be on our way looming near.

Moseyin’ On suspended for a while…

One thought on “Broken Down Just Where You Want To Be

  1. Debbie Redmond

    1st sorry to hear that you are having those problems. 2nd, so proud of the way you’re handling it! It does help when were retired and not on a “get back to work” schedule. Keep us posted!

    Debbie Redmond Project Manager M/V AQUILA Lying at Sunset Bay Marina


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