Slowin’ the pace

For most all of last year’s cruise, Mosey On’s crew was anxious to take a kind of ‘grand overview’ of cruising as much of the East Coast as we could reasonably accomplish between March and October.  We did what we set out to do, putting 617 hours on the engine from Palm Beach, FL to Portsmouth, NH and then wandering back to North Carolina as the Fall cruising weather closed down.  But one of the very important things we’ve learned is that we need to set aside some real time to savor the special places we’ve found (and will continue to find) along our way!  Despite our natural inclinations, we have to learn that our cruise (or even segments of it) is not a project with a start, finish and then ‘checked-off’ some list.  This does not come easily to either one of us!

So….to help us re-calibrate our cruising style, we’ve returned to one of our favorite places, Beaufort S.C.

32 25.770N 080 40.687W

On the Beaufort River

We arrived Friday evening after a five day run down the  ICW (Inter Coastal Waterway) from our home port near Oriental, N.C.  We know it won’t last, but the weather for  the last two days has been Sunshine, 70 degrees and light winds.  Last night we dined at a marvelous small bistro that  came highly recommended by old friends.  Today we took the dinghy back into town and walked several miles through some of Beaufort’s older neighborhoods.  Oak trees dripping with Spanish moss shade the streets. Back aboard, we met  some folks in their own boat out admiring Mosey and we  accepted their invitation to their riverside home for  cocktails tomorrow.  They’re leaving soon to cruise in Fiji!  There are many art galleries in town, and I know we’ll  probably visit a few tomorrow.  We have friends from Oriental visiting Tuesday and another friend arriving the following week.

So therein is the outline of our plan: return to (or discover) places we love, take the time to see what all they have to offer and, when possible share them with friends old and new.  Achieving that….then we’ll Mosey On.

2 thoughts on “Slowin’ the pace

  1. Ain’t life grand?

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