Moseyin’ On (Season Opener)

We’ve been quiet for awhile.  Spent the Holiday Season with family and friends ashore while Mosey On stayed tucked-in her slip at River Dunes along North Carolina’s Pamlico Sound.  Colleen & I hunkered-down in our guest house marveling at how far south the cold had permeated this winter!  We took this time to whittle-away on our list of maintenance like-to, ought-to, and must-dos.  Some of those things will add to our comfort on-board.  Some need repair to function properly and some absolutely had to be done before we took her out again!

We could have paid a marine tech to do these things and it certainly would have gone faster.  But the great majority of these items were not technically difficult.  In fact, most were simply grunt work in impossibly small, almost inaccessible spaces.  My physical size was also something of a hindrance…We certainly had the time and the inclination to get ‘er done.  I even had some good help from my neighbors who similarly like “messing around in boats” (when we had room for more than one body). And so it has gone since  our return to home port in October.  I was warned and now fully subscribe to the axiom that you’re never finished…it is a Sisyphean  task.  Often I would be in the midst of one project and note of work to be done on some item not yet on my list….the LIST didn’t get shorter….just different items in priority.  Perhaps the whole point of this was that we’ve learned a tremendous amount about Mosey On’s many parts and systems.  No owners manual came with the boat, so it’s been up to us.  Bottom line – we feel confident in her as we begin our 2015 Season.

Soooo….we closed-up the cottage and moved back aboard our home.  We slipped our lines yesterday morning and are heading south down the ICW aiming for Beaufort SC in about six days.  We had hoped to be able to go ‘outside’ on the Atlantic, but the weather fronts are still coming too close together for us to have a clear weather window for such a trip.  The “Ditch” is certainly tedious, but it’s taking us south to (presumably) warmer weather…  Let the games begin!

Leaving Home Port

Leaving Home Port


One thought on “Moseyin’ On (Season Opener)

  1. Bon Voyage! Miss you already.

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