Chillin’ On The Chesapeake

For the last week, Mosey On and crew have been enjoying the mid-Chesapeake as Fall has definitely arrived: cooler temperatures, trees coming into Fall color and uncrowded anchorages. The locals with real work, school schedules, Fall yard cleanup and football games are pulling their boats from the water and putting them up for winter storage. Such are the seasonal rhythms of recreational boating here…but for the occasional fast-moving cold front, this is the very best time (IMHO) to be cruising these waters. Most of the waterside dining establishments are closing down for the season…and while we have thoroughly enjoyed their ambience, hot cocoa (anytime) and a bowl of Colleen’s chili on a crisp evening aboard is about as good as it gets.

We have responsibilities that call us back to North Carolina later this month, but our plan is to stay here through the opening day of the Annapolis Power Boat Show on the 16th…..a giant bazaar of boats and gear to see, touch and perhaps buy….because we may need it!  Then again, we will be much constrained by the simple fact that Mosey On has no room for anything that does not ‘earn its keep’…and we’ve committed to ‘down-sizing’ in everything but waterline!

Since we’ve come down the Potomac, we’ve prowled both shores of the Chesapeake while working northward toward Annapolis. There are so many beautiful creeks with secluded anchorages and adequate depth for Mosey On. But even more enjoyable have been our series of guests who have been able to take a day or more to ‘cruise’ with us. They’ve had the opportunity to see the Chesapeake from an entirely different perspective. We’ve enjoyed the catch-up with family and friends and the good conversation that ensues. It has always been a pleasure to share our home with honored guests and we’ve been fortunate to bring Mosey On within a reasonable distance of many of you. We hope to be able to share these experiences for several years to come.

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