Got a Card?

One thing about boaters, perhaps more accurately cruisers, is the exchange of ‘Boat Cards’ (think ‘Business Card’) on the occasion of first meeting other cruisers.  The details are pretty much the same as a business card, but usually including a picture or sketch of their boat.  Collected and filed, usually by boat name…since that’s how we think of these folks…and how we may recognize them again!  Boat names emblazoned in large font across the stern are easy to identify in a marina or at anchor.  Boat names are required in the protocol to hail another vessel by radio…..(although a more pejorative name often comes to mind when thoughtlessly slammed by someone’s wake…)  If we have the opportunity to get to know them, the details like home port, phone numbers or email addresses provide the means, and the oft-spoken desire to get together at another time.  We are, indeed, sailors in port for only a short time.

So why do I mention this now?  We had our cards printed before we left N. Carolina and have been handing them out to fellow cruisers we’ve met along our northern odyssey.  What is interesting to me is that we’re already meeting up with some of these same folks again.  Granted, these encounters have occurred at cruising hotspots like Cape May, Annapolis and St. Michaels, Md.  But it points to a real community with an interest in staying in touch.  There is much to share with our neighbors….stories, travel tips, favorite anchorages and the occasional pitfalls.  Sometimes we reconnect over dinner ashore (Dutch treat),  sometimes with drinks and hors d’oeuvres aboard, still others by just pulling along side in the dinghy to say “hi”.   Then we continue on our separate courses with the sincere wish to get together again.   All very low-key and all good.

….and perfectly suits the crew on Mosey On.

1stMate and Admiral

1st Mate and Visiting Admiral

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