Mosey On – ‘On the Hard’

Not hard aground (with all those negative connotations…) but rather, intentionally and carefully secured up on dry land (drydock without the ‘dock’) for maintenance that can only be done this way.  She’s getting her bottom side de-barnacled and anti-fouling paint applied.   The prop and drive shaft will also get their proper attention.  This is our first major maintenance since we bought Mosey On back in March, but we’ve anticipated this interruption of our cruise as a fact of normal maintenance.  A big chunk of the cost of such work is this haul out and re-launch, so we made a list of several items to get done while she is laid-up.  All of these require skills better left to boat yard professionals.  I suspect my supervision would probably cost us extra…

So what will Mosey On’s dedicated crew be doing during this furlough?  Well…we’ve secured positions as crew on our Daughter Shannon and Son-in-law Rick’s week-long cruise of the Virgin Islands.  No responsibilities.  Just sun, rum, crystal clear waters and palm-lined beaches.  Someone had to step up and help these kids!

We (and Mosey On) will be back on the Chesapeake in mid-September.  Until then, we got to ‘go wit de flow!

2 thoughts on “Mosey On – ‘On the Hard’

  1. Now what’s the word? Oh yeah, magnanimous.

  2. I saw this on C-Span and thought you would find it very interesting since you are planning to sail the Potomac River.


    /Burning of Washington- Potomac River-tour

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