So….Do You Miss Being Home?

We’ve taken a little break this last week to cruise with and fully enjoy our grandchildren aboard Mosey On.  Need I say they’re ‘wicked’ smart (in the local argot) and embody the curiosity and energy that a grandparent fervently hopes for.  It was a week of re-connecting with both our son and his family, and with our friends from the many years we lived in New Hampshire.  We’re all undergoing changes in our living situations, health, travel, growing families…everything!  It’s important to share these stories…They help keep us connected even when we ‘ve run away to sea…’.

We’ve been asked, repeatedly, if we miss home.  The simple truth is that, right now, Mosey On is home.  We have our cottage and great neighbors in North Carolina…and we plan to be ‘home’ there by October.  In our lives, we have lived for awhile in so many different places that we are admittedly not deeply rooted anywhere.  As a practical matter, ‘home’ is where we’re together.  Mosey On is very comfortable and as long as the ‘basement’ stays dry, we’re safe and secure.

And yet the pull of the ‘old neighborhood’ is very strong.  Not so much to see our former property, but to reestablish those connections we value so highly.  In this case it wasn’t exactly just dropping-by.  It’s funny, really….to get there, we entered the narrow confines of Portsmouth Harbor at the mouth of the second-fastest flowing commercially navigable river in the United States, in pea-soup fog.  Maneuvered by radar around a down-river bound freighter,  had to open two bridges and proceed 13 miles upriver to the only anchorage deep and close enough to our destination to secure Mosey On on her anchor in an 8 foot tidal zone.  Any other time or place and I’d have thought the idea ridiculous!

But we had a grand time, in beautiful surroundings….and met some new neighbors (who left their calling cards on our fore-deck…)

Ill-mannered neighbors


This was our northern-most stop on this cruise. We left Great Bay on Tuesday morning on the outgoing tide and cleared Whale Back Light with our bow pointed South towards Cape Ann and Massachusetts Bay.  At home on Mosey On…

Whaleback Light, Portsmouth

Whaleback Light, Portsmouth


3 thoughts on “So….Do You Miss Being Home?

  1. Loved the Terns, though understand the down and dirty side!!

  2. These are the dates we will be in Jersey if you are near AC or Cape May Aug 21-28 in AC., Sept 19-24 then 27 -? but you will be on your way to the BVI’s then. I don’t thin I ever missed being home. Infact we were between homes at that time!!! Great catching up!!

    Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2014 16:05:22 +0000 To:

  3. We miss you, our friends, Jan and Ken

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