Did You Say You Had a Reservation?

We came to New England feeling footloose and fancy free…no itinerary, no real schedule….and have been roundly disabused of that notion!  We have discovered the obvious…the waters of New England are host to the greatest concentration of the US population….and it’s a short, intensive boating season.  Mosey On and crew are mere transients passing through.  In consequence of this simple reality, cruising here requires no small amount of diligent research and advance planning…not so much to identify the charming seaside villages, but rather to find a viable place to stop!  Many attractive locations have no real harbor – so shallow that we would surely run and stay aground, really accessible only to shallow draft outboard powered vessels.  The storied harbors of Cuttyhunk, Mystic, Pocasset, Plymouth, Scituate and Gloucester (and likely most others) are literally taken-over with ‘mooring fields’  [designated floating balls secured to the bottom for boats to tie up to.)

Mooring Ball & Tether

Mooring Ball & Tether

Some are owned by the local municipality, some by yacht clubs, and yet others by a commercial marina licensee.  In every case, stopping for the night in a mooring field involves the exchange of cash…sometimes highway robbery.  But the bigger problem is finding one available at all in popular harbors over the weekend.


The rub is that we have a reliable anchor and chain to secure Mosey On…but precious few places we can use it – impossible midst a mooring field…spontaneity in where we go and choose to stay is, sadly, not in the cards.  So we plan our cruise with weather, distance, calendar, and a safe ‘place to stay’ worked-out ahead of time…..Not so different than everyone else’s summer travel plans.

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