Gettin’ Rhythm

No….not that kind (I can’t even cha-cha without counting!)  I’m talking about the challenges of the sun, moon, winds, tides and storms.  Either we learn to live with them or deal with the frustrations.  Mosey On is well-found, secure and with ample amenities to keep Colleen and me more than comfortable.  But a hurricane, wind-driven steep seas, thunderstorms and tides (and current flow) are what really determine the when and where we go…and it’s not all a bad thing!  Since I wrote last, we’ve had to slow the pace up the Chesapeake and duck into some harbors of refuge (up narrow and shallow creeks) due to afternoon thunderstorms.  Such storms aren’t really a surprise…they’re just a part of summer when it gets hot and humid.

Knapp's Narrows

Knapps Narrows

Chesapeake Bay 'Deadrise' crab boat

Chesapeake Bay ‘Deadrise’ crab boat










We made it through the C&D Canal (connecting the north end of Chesapeake Bay with the top of the Delaware Bay) in a half day, but with not near enough daylight remaining to make another anchorage down the bay.  The incoming tide (and associated current) would be running at almost 3 knots on our bow.

Traffic on the C&D

Traffic on the C&D

So…we tied-up and poked around the little burg of Delaware City.  Kind’a 1950’s …and no apologies.  One main commercial street; barber, bakery, crab house and a ‘smithy’ (ok…forged iron artiste).   We had a fine dinner of crabs and then a comfortable walk back home.  In a town this size, you suspect that everyone knows each other, doesn’t lock their doors, and chats from the steps of their front porches in the evenings when it cools-off.  I recognize that places like this have probably missed the train of economic opportunity (much as when the railroad made passenger traffic on the Canal obsolete).  But some folks clearly love the place and have adapted to the pace of life here.

I’m trying to get into this rhythm of taking our adventure as it unfolds.  For years I worked with a flight plan, a route and an ETA.  A “ground delay” was added aggravation.  Last night’s ‘delay’ at the top of Delaware Bay was good.  It may take me more time to drop the frustrations, but this pace suits  Mosey On, Colleen and me.

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