Happy 5th of July!

Passing through Norfolk, Portsmouth and Hampton Roads, Mosey On and crew were treated to the undeniably impressive sight of just a small portion of the US Atlantic Fleet tied-up to the piers.  I had seen this line-up several years before, but things have changed.  This awesome display of maritime might is neatly penned-up behind what amounts to a chain link fence.  Not to keep gawking tourists at bay but rather, I think, to prevent a repeat of the USS Cole incident here in American waters.  The juxtaposition of such power and vulnerability is startling and symbolic.



We turned north up the Chesapeake and enjoyed a beautiful day of cruising up the Virginia shore as the residue of winds and chop died-down as the day progressed.  To our surprise, there were very few pleasure craft out on this sunny Saturday.  Arthur had obviously put a damper on  things.  But as the Bay smoothed-out, we caught the tide flowing northward…almost a knot & a half – no small thing when you normally cruise at 6.5 knots…..so we just went with it.  We turned-in for the evening at the Great Wicomico River (Reedville,VA) and anchored in a beautiful bay surrounded by farms and a few weekend retreats.  Very idyllic.  As it grew dark, the fireworks began – not from the town, but from homes scattered along the shore.  Colleen & I sat out on the deck to watch!  A light breeze,  low humidity and temp in the low 70s and no bugs made it just about perfect.  The neighbors seemed almost to be competing with each other, which made it all the more fun.  Our memories recalled firework displays of too many years ago.  The show went on for over two hours when sleep and depleted munitions brought it all to an end…

It was the best 5th of July I can ever remember!

One thought on “Happy 5th of July!

  1. Jim & Colleen, We couldn’t be happier for you both! Roberta and I are sitting on the patio with a second cup of coffee (70 degrees/sunny) watching the dogs cavort in their kiddie pool. There’s a gentle breeze and birds at the suet basket. It’s just what we’d all hoped it would be, isn’t it? No regrets – the name of OUR next boat. Bon voyage, health and happiness. Roberta & Peter

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