Dodged One…

Hurricane Arthur passed by this morning, I’m glad to say, some miles off shore.  After the anticipation born of no previous experience being aboard a boat in the vicinity of a beast like this, it proved to be a non-event.  From this, we do not conclude much…we were happy to be lucky!  Even our home on Pamlico Sound suffered no ill effects. (A neighbor there noted that a spare anchor I had left in the yard had held everything firmly in place).  Although we’ve been frustratingly tied to the dock for a few days, I’m reminded of the sailing advice to “reef  (sails) before you wish you had.”

We’re on our way up the Chesapeake Bay first thing in the morning.  If we push, we might get to the top of the bay in three days…but I kinda’ doubt it.



One thought on “Dodged One…

  1. Don’t push remember to stop and smell the roses, sorry Artie had to interrupt this program!

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