Somewhere South of Norfolk

Yesterday we did our last bit of exploring Manteo with my sister Pat and her husband Terry.  We had a great dinner in the “Tranquil Inn” and then hooked a cab out to Manteo’s version of a passion play…appropriately called The Lost Colony.  I thought of it as similar to a ‘passion play’ because we all knew the story; it was about the acting, the set, the special effects and the music.  All of those elements were very well done!  A cool evening breeze precluded the expected onslaught of mosquitos.  All in all a delightful evening…we even slept with the AC off.

This morning, our boat guests departed before sunup and Mosey On and her crew cast off at high tide (at 8 AM) to safely clear the extensive shallows in and out of Shallowbag Bay. We had fair winds and smooth water to cross Albemarle Sound…not to be taken for granted! A mama Osprey feeding her young while perched atop this waterway marker gave us a vocal scolding we could hear over the rumble of our big John Deere!

Osprey Nest atop Waterway Marker

Osprey Nest atop Waterway Marker

We’ve dropped the hook for the evening in Blackwater Creek, still thirty some miles south of Norfolk. We’ll stop there tomorrow and evaluate our choices in light of a low pressure system trying to get itself organized for a possible run up the Coast.  Note: Mosey On does not outrun anything…it would be unseemly.


One thought on “Somewhere South of Norfolk

  1. It’s the little things… And it sounds like you are making it all count.

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