What about Manteo?

Its a historic old town on the Eastern shore of Roanoke Island directly across the bridge from the glitz and glamour of the better-known Nags Head on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Manteo has boat docks, historic sites and restaurants…..Nags Head is your archetypal beach town. Colleen and I with my sister Pat (as crew) have made our way here for my nephew’s wedding reception.  Her husband Terry has joined us on board here in the marina for a little peace and quiet…
Yesterday, we went to see the “Elizabethan Gardens” begun in 1950 and have become a remarkable garden showcase built over the site of Sir Walter Raleigh’s ‘Lost Colony’.  I noted that the gardens are maintained by donations and solely through the efforts of the local Garden Club.  Proof of the passion of gardeners!

Another thing to like about Manteo, because we have no wheels, is the ready availability of groceries and boat supplies within a short walk.  The shopping is usually available somewhere about, but the ‘carry home’ can be problematic…

Tonight we’re invited to a pirate-themed pre-event. Will have to find an eye patch and bandanna!

2 thoughts on “What about Manteo?

  1. Remember to take the eye patch off before you leave the dock. “Dodge”

  2. Steve & I were also at the Elizabethan Gardens on June 25th between rain storms! About 2-2:30. We were coming home to go over the Alligator River by car and working towards the 5:30 Aurora /Bayview ferry.

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