Up the Alligator River

Alligator - Pungo Canal

Alligator – Pungo Canal

We didn’t see a single ‘gator…and no inclination to do much exploration along the banks of this waterway version of an interstate highway. This man-made cut is some 21 miles long with but one small bend approximately mid-way. The channel is sufficiently wide for boats to pass in each direction and roughly 8 ft. deep in the center. Not much of a challenge to our navigation skills; it was hot, humid and windless. Home to a variety of flies that aren’t very quick, but take a chunk out of you with each bite!….the river seems misnamed.
By late afternoon we were out of the canal and the river and into Albemarle Sound, pursued by some towering thunderstorms with lots of rain, but very little wind. We turned southeast down the Sound towards Roanoke Island and our marina at Manteo. The breeze freshened, on the bow (as is our lot) and brought with it the ‘dreaded Albemarle chop’. No big deal for us today….it hadn’t had time to whip up into much and we slipped into Manteo at sunset. We’ve heard that this is a great place to visit.

I must add this footnote: Although Kitty Hawk, Nag’s Head, Manteo and Roanoke Island form a very large protected sound…the water depths (outside some vaguely marked ‘channels’) are generally 2’ or less! A little ‘pucker time’ for Mosey On and her crew.

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