June 23rd, 2014 River Dunes to the Pungo River

Underway…after our nearly two-month hiatus.  All stocked-up with food, reading material, DVDs, libations, my sister, Pat …etc.  We slipped lines from our slip at River Dunes this morning at 9:45 after topping-off the fuel (we have capacity for almost 1000 gallons of diesel) and ensuring the holding tanks were fully pumped-out (gross-but critical). The weather forecast called for partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the low 80s and a North Wind at 15 Knots….sounds about perfect, except for the wind direction, speed and period (timing between crests) and our locale on Pamlico Sound in North Carolina.  You see, the period (5 Seconds) and height (3-4 feet) generates what NOAA blandly calls Moderate Chop…..when heading into such seas (our course had these winds/waves directly on the ‘nose’).  We banged-along, much sea spray, like a giant rocking horse…..not really fun in our 60,000 lb. trawler….so we ‘bore off’ and ‘shouldered’ into the chop for two hours before we could alter heading enough to put the waves off our beam and then stern as we ran up the Pamlico River and more sheltered waters.  The remainder of the day was what we had become accustomed-to during our trip from Florida to N. Carolina – flat water and careful adherence to the channel marks to avoid planting ‘Mosey On’ firmly in the mud!  We made it to our planned anchorage in the Pungo River and dropped the ‘hook’ for the night.  Colleen performed her normal wizardry in whipping-up a shrimp and avocado dinner salad and a chilled bottle of Rodney Strong Sauvignon Blanc!  All of which put me in the proper mind to write this post!  Tomorrow evening we’re hoping to tie-up in Manteo (Roanoke Island) [part of the Outer Banks] for our nephew’s wedding reception…the lengths we’ll go to for a good party!

One thought on “June 23rd, 2014 River Dunes to the Pungo River

  1. HI Jim and Colleen,
    Wow!!! That is great news and I’m impressed. I know you told me many years ago re a trawler and around the world, but this may be the start. Happy Birthday and I’ll post this on our website. Hope to catch up with you somewhere up along the coast. Hope you get this message with internet service….do you have satellite coverage or HF? Allen

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