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”All Past is Prologue”…seems to sum it up nicely!  When Colleen & I had had enough of New England’s winters…we moved to N. Carolina with plans in hand to build our dream home in the Tidewater country along Pamlico Sound…and more specifically near the town of Oriental on the Neuse River.  We built our “Carriage House” and settled in to supervise the construction of our dream house, according to retiree norms.  Well, it hasn’t progressed in quite that way.  We’ve always harbored another dream, and not really on the order of a ‘bucket list’ item:  we wanted to live-aboard our own boat and travel on our own schedule.  So we put the house on hold, dove into researching the boat that might meet our criteria, and finally found and bought “Mosey On” in North Palm Beach, Florida.  We had no experience with a power boat this size (46’ and 60,000 lbs. ), and so hired Chris Caldwell (a Training Captain who came well-recommended) to check us out on Mosey On and provide some wisdom for our trip north to N. Carolina.  With practice, I learned how to dock her without scaring Colleen, the dock hand or…myself!  We went through all of Mosey’s on-board systems and now fully appreciate how well she’s put together.  We have fixed what was ailing (the air conditioning – for hot, humid nights), replaced window screens, replaced some worn carpet, and generally brought her ‘up to snuff’.

This is the log (blog, account, tale….what you will) of our journey north to New England and then back home in the fall via the Chesapeake.  Mosey On cruises along at roughly 6.5 knots (7.5 mph)…so this may take a while!  And as this is my first attempt at blogging…please bear with me while I work out the kinks.  I turned 66 years old today and it’s time to get going!  We’ll slip lines in the morning to begin our next adventure.


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